step 1: identify

Our process starts with the ability to discover opportunity. With our experienced team and vast knowledge, our network enables us to filter through more than 1000 properties every month before selecting up to 5 potential South Florida developments for detailed due diligence.

Our financial models are highly detailed which highlight our expected level of return and the potential risk involved.


  • Waterfront properties in the most highly sought-after communities of South Florida
  • Properties priced significantly below market value 
  • Properties that allow us to design and implement our strategy of producing resort style living homes


Once an investor shows interest in our company we must first find out in what capacity they are willing to invest.  At Dold Developments, we have three tiers of risk.  The lowest risk level of investment exposes the investor to virtually no risk as their investment will be the first position publicly registered lien holder on the property making them the first to be paid once the project sells.  Typically, this investor will fund the land and their capital will be tied up for 18-24 months generating a 4-5% rate of return.  If applicable, the next level of risk is a second position lien holder who would typically get involved with funding part or all of the construction.  We offer 6-9% returns for this type of investment.  And finally, for our investor's seeking a more lucrative return, we offer equity/ownership positions in our projects.  This investor usually provides the down payment on the land and all of the soft costs throughout the project.  Their investment is unsecured but their return is the total profit the project produces.  From our track record this has produced returns north of 20%.

After establishing the amount, time, and level of risk the investor is willing to take, we present them with our upcoming projects and show them how they can get involved.   


  • Buying properties that are worth more than we pay
  • Negotiating long closing periods which allows us to work through a majority of the design phase before taking ownership of the property
  • Marketing the finished product before construction even begins

step 3: design

Once we secure a deal on a property we move right into the design phase with the goal of creating a product that offers the highest and best use of the land while implementing our strategy of creating the ultimate resort/lifestyle living.  We work with some of the finest architects in South Florida to make this happen.

Our Design Features

  • Modern design 
  • Resort style homes and outdoor living spaces
  • Waterfront view maximization 
  • Floor to ceiling glass
  • Cutting edge home automation 
  • Timeless features 

step 4: build

We are a state certified general contracting firm that work with the most talented subcontractors in the area.  Our project managers and superintendents create, monitor, and track the projects timeline and budget meticulously throughout the build all while insuring the absolute highest standard of quality.  

We build

  • On time
  • On budget
  • With perfection 

step 5: sell

Our outstanding team of realtors strategically advertise our properties to the appropriate markets, from the local affluent fishing communities to prospering foreign nations we make sure to leverage our outstanding professional photographs to help the potential buyers experience the ultimate in waterfront living.  

HOW Sell our homes so fast:

  • Target marketing
  • World class marketing material 
  • Top notch staging and photography
  • Drone imagery